Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Foreigners and Fireworks

It's the Fourth!  That means, of course, that I've got a story of foreigners and fireworks, Dear Reader!
As he so often does at this time of year, The  Yard Man escorted a group of foreigners* around the county, inspecting donkeys and horses and mules, oh my!  I then joined the group for dinner at a local restaurant.

My multi-national dining experience was so delightful!  I shared a table with Monika--a German woman; Edna--a local Amish woman; and Mary Jane--a woman from Luxembourg. Alas, Reader Dear,  if only I could give you some verbatim snippets of our  super-engaging ( all English-spoken) dinner conversation!

(Of course, you would only wish to hear more.  You would be at least slightly, but possibly quite disappointed not to hear more! Perhaps it is better this way.)

Later in the evening, The Yard Man was fast asleep by the time I saw the fireworks from my privileged spot on the balcony of our house.  These particular fireworks are presented every year  at the same time and same place (for all I know, they are presented expressly for me [though it seems somewhat doubtful, as I am never notified in advance, nor is anyone assured that my pajama-clad attendance will actually take place). As I recorded this little clip, Viewer Dear, I pondered the fact that my compulsive desire to film the fireworks is a bit like my urge to photograph the moon each and every time its radiant effulgence is glowing in the sky! **

*They are here in this country expressly to attend Horse Progress Days, don't you know.
**Seeing as how one filming could so easily substitute for another!***
***No, no, Viewer Dear, I would not do that! (These fireworks have been freshly recorded for your viewing pleasure!)

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