Monday, May 4, 2015


each purchase"
My daughter sweetened the deal at her yard sale by putting out a big bowl of candy. (It looked suspiciously like goodies which had been squirreled away in the freezer since Halloween!)

"Come as early as you can," she had instructed me.  "Bring anything you want to sell."

Well, well, Dear Reader, I've had some past experience at this sort of thing.  Much too much experience to excitedly dream of the handy pile of cash to be garnered, or the glee over pleasantly-reduced stacks of excess stuff around the house!
But, I was certainly willing to lend a hand.  And, how easy just to toss a few items into a box to add to my daughter's offerings.

The day was pleasant.  And, though the flow was not what we'd hoped to see--you know, Reader Dear, HORDES!--my daughter sold perhaps an entire half of the items she'd piled on tables and racks.

I sold two items.
Here, however, is what sweetened the deal for me:  I could load up all the unsold miscellany and take it directly to an open room at the rear of a thrift shop.   After my daughter had filled boxes and bags with her languishing odds and ends, stacks of clothing, and paraphernalia, I tossed my leftovers into the mix and set out for the Re-Uzit Shop.

That place is really going to be full today!  I thought to myself as I headed to the facility.  Such a beautiful Saturday--yard sales around every corner!

But I had not thought to worry there would be NO space!  I knocked on the door for an attendant.  "Shall I just pile this stuff on top of this massive pile?" I asked her.   
"Sure," she said.  "It's amazing--almost all of this stuff just came in since 1:30 today!"

So, there you go, Reader Dear:  If you saw something offered up for the buying at a yard sale, and you went home to rue the fact that you let it go, just get yourself to the nearest Thrift Shop!  You may not get free candy with your purchase, but you'll still get a really sweet deal!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


from my small-sized actors:

Wherever you happen to find yourself, Reader Dear, make it a playground!

Yes, that's the lesson!  Should you find yourself, for example, with family or friends who are lingering long over food in an eating establishment (what, no pizza?!) and life seems boring and tedious...rather than fussing and fuming, step outside the door and make that spot a  playground!

I believe your life will be better for it, Dear Reader!*
*This is just a theory.  I am only now working on
 putting this lesson into practice myself.