Monday, October 3, 2016

Let's See now...

It flies in the face of reason, but, Viewer Dear, I'm going to make yet one more attempt to show you this lovely little bee, making his (daily?) visits to some orange-colored fall flowers.
Stuck!  I'm stuck!
Who's to know where the snarly problem lies, the fact is: I can't post videos!
Right now it is definitely the bee in my bonnet!!

But while I'm here...
let me just say that it appears I have no reverse gear.  I've been spinning and spinning away, attempting to back up.
No luck.
But I'm going to give it one more go!

Aunt Ann--aunt of The Yard Man--she was the dear one at the nursing home.
She was the one growing ever more weak; her attachment to this world was growing ever more tenuous.  Though Ann had remained single her entire life, and had no children, she did have family who cared for her.  She had a plethora of nieces and nephews who, when it was estimated that her days were numbered, spent many hours by her bedside.