Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Therapist

This movie, Viewer Dear, is directed and produced by me.
But my Itty-Bitty Actor is the script writer,* as well as having the starring role.
He was also the one in charge of costuming and props.
He did Take One all by himself.

As for direction, I simply said,
"Go over there, by the wall. Now, say it again!"


If this movie is just a tad more brief than you'd prefer,
doesn't quite develop a real plot line as you'd expect,
be aware that I'm hoping to produce a sequel (in advance of the
one publicity shot becoming too outdated).

*I'm a therapist!
I'm your friend!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Go Down, Moses,

way down in Egypt's land.  Tell ole Pharaoh to let my people go!

Take a guess, Reader Dear, what large and slightly creepy insect I heard before I saw in my yard today.  It was making a squawking noise, and moving rather rapidly over the ground.  My Little Actor and Tiny Actor were right here with me near the insect while their mother (Elder Daughter) was working in the patch of ground she gardens. They were not enamored by the bug.  They did not wish to touch it or even get into close proximity with it.  But my Little Actor did assist me in trying to produce a movie starring the squawking bug.

I got a lot of footage,  poked the green critter,  and even knocked it off the side of a tree.  I was determined to get it to protest verbally.  It refused, of course.  I believe it was trying to avoid me like a plague!                                             

I warned Mr. Locust that, should he choose to stay in our area, he had much bigger worries than simply the Little Actor and I trying to force him to take a speaking role in our movie.
He just went on his silent way!

Life really isn't fair, of course.  Some insects bring delight rather than fear of plagues!  Do you recall, Viewer Dear, our beautiful Vanessa?  Meet several beauties in her extended family; the flashiest ones were all named Tiger Swallowtail and they were having what appeared to be a delightful brunch in Elder Daughter's Zinnia bed.

And, while the subject is insects:

Elder Daughter relieved her potato plants of Potato Bugs (They likely have a more proper name, but forgive me, Dear Reader, I'm too lazy to research it [yet another insect that gets the rotten end of the stick (or possibly the potato)]).

She did her best to facilitate the Circle of Life for these plants and bugs and the Horse Man's clucking fowl.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Summer Streaks By

Homemade Hummus made by the guy who grew up in Jordan
Meanwhile, I think it was still back in the days of spring that HM and I traveled with some friends to a Middle Eastern meal arranged as a fund-raiser by their son (who is one-half Middle-Eastern descent [If you make interpretations here, you will understand that one of the friends with whom we traveled grew up in the Middle East (country of Jordan)] It's likely why this son helped to plan this meal as a fund-raiser for a Middle-Eastern museum being built in the DC area [I believe I've got all these facts straight])]).

 It took the four of us about an hour-and-a-half to get to the church where this meal was to be served.  The plan was to arrive early, so as to help the son of our friends to get the meal set up and ready.

As it turned out, he had all kinds of delicious food to serve, but only one friend assisting him. 
Fortunately, there was a large kitchen with a large oven and stocked with lots of serving bowls and platters.  It was fortunate for me, as well, that there were veggies and a lot of grapes to arrange on trays and bowls; it gave me the opportunity to do something both helpful and enjoyable, since I could barely name all the middle-eastern foods (much less know how to prep them)!


The evening was delectable.  I have yet to see the museum that this meal helped to fund, but will be sure to tell you when I do, Dear Reader Dear! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summer Olio

Olio Bit #One:   The package below was destined for the mailbox of a friend who has a summer birthday.  On the parcel, I used photos of lilies, blooming in my flower beds right now in profuse array.  The box also featured a picture of some strawberries, and wouldn't you know, Reader Dear, this blog post features strawberries as well.


Olio Bit #Two is an introduction  to Vanessa:

I happened to meet her while I was sitting on my  kitchen porch one peaceful afternoon.  She fluttered around a bit to get my attention, and then, seeing as how she was not fluent in the English language, requested that I look up her identity online.  I scrambled via my phone to find her name.

"Vanessa!" I exclaimed.  "Thanks for stopping by.  I'm so pleased to meet you!"
I took a very nice photo of her with wings outspread (alas, Viewer Dear,  I also deleted it)

I raved to her that her beauty was a marvel to behold.  Soon after that, she humbly flew away.
Olio Bit #Three:
Summer Rainstorm,
followed (mere hours later) by
Summer Birthday Cake to First Son-in-Law,


Bit #Four:
We've got neighbors
up the road with a berry farm.


Olio Bit #Five:
I'm still scouring stores for rocket balloons.  My Little Actor and I tried substituting puny little water balloons, but they mostly just popped.

Lest you believe, Reader Dear, that my summer thus far has been a package of only beauty and tranquility and sunshine with butterflies, I fear I'll have to pop your balloon, Dear One.   Not so long ago, on one of the early days of summer, we (those in my little plot of the world) started the day with extremely lovely weather (yes, beauty and tranquility).  I wanted to spend time at my flower beds.  I wanted to spend time relaxing on the kitchen porch.  The best place to spend the day, trust me,  would have been outside.

However, there appeared a little snake in Eden.

I put up with the noisy work going on across the street (our out-of-town neighbors were having their driveway enhanced) just as long as I could bear it.  Then I came inside, closed the windows, cranked up the AC, and cranked up the volume on the CD-player.  (Sound on my laptop was woefully inadequate to the task).   Volume Level 94 had never been employed prior to this, but it took care of every screech and bump and grinding noise from across the road.  To my pleasant surprise, I didn't even have to listen to my own ugly muttering.


 Olio Bits #Seven and Eight:
Two Sunday concerts in the park.
June 16, 2019--Allegro *
June 23, 2019--Liz Vice

 *Yes, it's a Summer Olio, and this concert took place in very late spring.  You will have to deal with it, I suppose.**
**Please  do note that there is a fabulous full moon in the sky, Viewer Dear. 

Two front doors,
two grandsons,  and 
Buster the barn cat. 

Monday, July 8, 2019


And that is because she is so newly arrived in the world of movie-making (the world of very-nearly-smiling, and squirming and crying and curling her adorably tiny fingers and toes!) And, then too, she makes headlines as the very first of her kind (XX) to be a grandchild of mine and the HM!

Dora Wren arrived at 8:56 a.m. on the seventh day of the seventh month of the year.
Now also known as my Little Actress, she will join my Little Actor, Small Actor, Tiny Actor and Itty-Bitty Actor in starring roles.  (In addition to many other reasons to be grateful for her safe arrival, Reader Dear, I am happy to avoid pondering how wee I can get with the actor titles).  Right after meeting her, I was eager to rush into production mode!  The Itty-Bitty Actor agreed to co-star, and I've got these three (yes, admittedly short) movies for your viewing pleasure, Dear One.   Look for blockbuster sequels to follow soon!*

The Little Actress and her Happy Family

*With enhancements such as newly-gained skills!