Friday, June 22, 2018

Beatles Cover Version

Listener Dear, I'm presenting you with the opening numbers to my Itty-Bitty Actor's new show.  The show has been such a hit with all attendees thus far that there's been talk of a booking at Madison Square Garden.

To encourage sales of the pricey tickets to this contemplated show, there's been talk of free waffles and ice cream for all concert-goers!
(Reader Dear, when ordering tickets, you need only mention the word "Quips" to receive a nineteen-and-a-half* percent discount off the price!)
*age-based discount

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Time Keeps Moving Along at a

pretty steady pace  ("time" developing into a major quip theme, if you'll notice, Reader Dear).

And rain keeps falling from the sky at irregular intervals.

During one of those intervals lately there was a graduation party for a grandniece of the Yard Man.  It was Sunday afternoon, at a local park, idyllic, except for the rainstorm.  Though, Reader Dear, if the glass is half full (of rainwater), then the rain provided an interesting layer of splashing and fun for the kids.  Two of my small actors were in attendance and their enthusiasm was not the slightest bit dampened (no pun intended) by the rain!

(Especially attractive to the younger set:  frosting on the lid of the cupcake holder.  They swarmed like bees to the nectar!)

The following Sunday a fundraising event was held at another local park.  The Yard Man and I and a handful of our descendants waited eagerly, and quite a while, for the food stands to open.  As it developed,  there could have been an announcement made: "We will begin serving food at the first drop of rain!"

 Due to the difficulties of dealing with the falling rain--the many choices of foods at multiple stands,  lack of a dry picnic table, and the simple fact that I did not have a third hand with which to handle a phone in addition to an umbrella,  I got separated from other family members. 

(What I'm trying to say, Reader Dear, is that I ate alone in the car with a dripping umbrella at my feet and rain beating a rhythm on the roof.  The food was exceptionally delicious, but no one to hear my exclamations of delight  [You, Dear Listener, are welcome to use your imagination]).


Saturday, June 16, 2018

What Did I Just Tell You,

Reader Dear?  Hmmm?  (A little clue: Things aren't new).

fence-painter extraordinaire
Yes, I tend to procrastinate.  There, you have it!  Ergo, any photo-story that follows is getting more stale by the moment (as all of history tends to do), and the moments have been accruing for about a fortnight (Dear Reader, there are terms in the English language that have aged, as well.  Fortnight.  The word has mellowed; don't you, Reader Dear, find the word more lyrical and lovely than a blunt "two weeks"?):

Milan, the young German guest of The Yard Man and me, had spent two months in this country, yet would be going home soon and would be a whole year older!  (Isn't it amazing how birthdays can work that kind of magic?)  We called together our birthday entertainment crew, and threw a birthday-farewell party for him!

(My Itty-Bitty Actor is taking on speaking roles now, which certainly enhanced the  greetings, to my way of thinking!)

Auf Wiedersehen, Mailand. Gl├╝ckliches siebzehntes Jahr!