Thursday, May 31, 2018

Just like I'm so prone to do,

Reader Dear, I'm wandering back through history.  (Do not fear, it's a relatively short distance in reverse).  It happens, there were a couple of shows that the Yard Man and I went to see in the past few  months; I failed to say bloggety-blog about them! Without photos, I'd still be on mute even now. But I've got the pics!   In spite of the Yard Man's hisses to "Put that thing away!" I managed to (ever so discreetly) focus my camera on the stage. 
Here is a tiny scintilla of Million Dollar Quartet:
 Elvis Presley … Johnny Cash … Jerry Lee Lewis … Carl Perkins.  The play was based on a true story.  These four musicians were "brought together by an extraordinary twist of fate on a December evening in 1956"  The show was a four-star, five-star event!  If you can figure out what I'm saying there, Dear Reader, I'll give you my blue suede shoes!
Next, I've got a clip or two from a show to which the Yard Man had gotten free tickets.  The venue was a local spot that caters to tourists (who eat supper at the joint first, then eat up the show that follows, featuring actors portraying Amish) This show told the story of an Amish boy who dreamed of becoming a ball player (No spoiler alerts).  Here, Reader Dear, is one thing I'm going to divulge: Since we arrived quite early, the Yard Man and I were privileged to sit in front row seats.  (The seats were individual chairs arranged in rows).  I was so close to the stage that I could have reached right out and pulled on a pant leg or two with ease!   
My confession: while it's true that the play kept me interested, it did not prevent my imagination from frolicking around a bit.  Suppose I were to, um, sort of, um,  tie shoelaces together while actors were standing right there in front of me? (And, um, that sort of thing, Viewer Dear)
These final short bursts of video are not from a formal or actual performance that we attended.  They were just part of a pleasant morning the Yard Man and I spent in the city, pretending to be tourists  (We weren't looking for information or  Amish depictions when we visited the  downtown information center.  It was there we stumbled upon this little bit of "historic" action).  
Lastly,  we enjoyed drinks and a musical jam session atop a tall building in the city.

One little postscript:

Not a show, Reader Dear, except for the fact that this  recording features a few of my small actors, and you may be inclined to watch, hoping for some kind of story line or plot.*

*Well, okay.  After a family meal out, the Yard Man and I, with most of our descendants,  found ourselves wandering through a labyrinth of hallways somewhere in the bowels of the local mall.  But what was this?!  Were all the exit doors locked?! Some of the oldest and youngest among us became alarmed.**

**It was weeks and weeks ago, Dear One.
Rest easy.  We are no longer wandering there! 

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