Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Think I Must Have

eaten too many commas, Reader Dear, in the recent past.  There have been so many long pauses between these blog posts.  But now, here is another:

Before I finish that tale of the next-door auction,  I'm just going to show you a few cheer-producing items I've seen during the past several weeks.  The weather in my neck of the woods has been so exceedingly dreary lately that any bright spot of color makes me happy!

On a rare sunny day I was pleased as punch to see this random car in the mall parking lot, its color a perfect match to the spring-green leaves on the tree above it!

For this photo there is an easy explanation.  Yellow gladdens my heart like no other color!

Here, Listener Dear, I enjoyed a Hawaiian-themed evening, bright with leis and authentic Hawaiian song! 

And this:

Lunch with a friend at a great little Asian place.
Colored my day bright in more ways than one!

More to follow
(trust me on this, Reader Dear).


sk said...

We have a yellow love seat upstairs. Not to mention the large comfy bed in that same room.

KTdid said...

sk, it makes me smile just to think of it. ks