Friday, February 21, 2014


magazine, Viewer Dear, today's post would be the  Icy Alien issue.
It's so much fun to gather a collection!  I mean, really...Siamese twins!
They made me laugh out loud.

I can't tell you much about each of these snowpeople, but these two sporting pink scarves are into the latest Christian D'Ice designs. 

                   This guy is a minimalist.

And I happen to know this one in the Amish hat. ( He's Amish.)

This fellow with the blue cap pulled over his face, he's got siblings (that's all I can tell you about him).

Here  they are (sisters, I believe): 

And last but not least,  meet this beauty in an apron! (She got me to laughing, too.)
Top-notch cookie-baker!
It's a risky endeavor, she says.  With every batch, she nearly has a melt-down!

Well, Viewer Dear, I could easily go on, expanding this issue.
 There are so many of these cool cold folks around!


Monday, February 17, 2014


Aren't we still in the midst of a party?!

 Where a tiny child is learning about birthday presents.

And a doting grandparent is no longer thinking about...

  ...the over-abundance of white stuff!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Reader Dear, we've been beleaguered by snowstorms!  We've been bothered, bedeviled and beset by them! We've been harassed, harried, and hampered! 
I have had numerous pleasant events scattered between or within these storms, but the extreme whiteness seemed to monopolize all attention, and freeze up my blogging ability!   

I am tired of talking about storm routes, and storm warnings, and expected times of arrival!  Of freezing rain, and snow depths, and blizzard conditions!  Of ice-laden tree limbs,  and bitter cold, and power outages!  Of states of emergency!  I am just sick, Dear Reader,  of yammering on and on about winter!

So that's that!

My Tiny Actor 
had a birthday anniversary.  His very first!
It was a marvelous distraction from, well, that subject I'm no longer talking about!


To be cont'd...
(There will be more talk of the birthday party, and other things; but
rest assured, no more discourse on that subject I'm no longer talking about!)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


followed by an ice storm!
More pebbles in the boots of winter!  Ugh!  
A limb fell on the phone, cable, and internet lines, which for many long years were anchored to the attic window in the house of The Yard Man and me.  Rather than let the lines be torn by the limb, and shrink our world to the size of a cell-phone battery, this window let itself be ripped right out of the wall! 


We were ever so fortunate--
our furnace kept feeding fantastically, too!
(Though we had a neighbor who wasn't so lucky)