Thursday, February 13, 2014


Reader Dear, we've been beleaguered by snowstorms!  We've been bothered, bedeviled and beset by them! We've been harassed, harried, and hampered! 
I have had numerous pleasant events scattered between or within these storms, but the extreme whiteness seemed to monopolize all attention, and freeze up my blogging ability!   

I am tired of talking about storm routes, and storm warnings, and expected times of arrival!  Of freezing rain, and snow depths, and blizzard conditions!  Of ice-laden tree limbs,  and bitter cold, and power outages!  Of states of emergency!  I am just sick, Dear Reader,  of yammering on and on about winter!

So that's that!

My Tiny Actor 
had a birthday anniversary.  His very first!
It was a marvelous distraction from, well, that subject I'm no longer talking about!


To be cont'd...
(There will be more talk of the birthday party, and other things; but
rest assured, no more discourse on that subject I'm no longer talking about!)

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