Saturday, February 2, 2013


AND WHADDAYA KNOW.  Yesterday evening the clock slowly ticked its way to 8:28 p.m.  And a brand new actor showed up!   But, Reader Dear, by the time this new celeb called me to the scene around 9:28 p.m., I had left the stale magazines and the waiting room behind and gone home.  So I rushed back into my coat, grabbed the car keys and spun rubber.  Zipping down the road I chanced to think of my camera--right there in my  pocket SANS THE MEDIA CARD!

There was NOTHING, Dear Reader, simply nothing to be done but turn the car around!  What kind of a movie producer shows up for such filming options without a working camera?!   It just wasn't thinkable, even though the hour was moving toward "visitors-no-longer-allowed"!  Back on the road about ten minutes later, I tried to stay away from police cars.

Finally at the hospital, I parked the car and raced to the door.  THIS ENTRANCE CLOSED, the sign read, VISITORS USE EMERGENCY ENTRANCE. Alas...back into the car and around the building!

        Trotting through the emergency ward, riding the elevator to the third floor, running all out-of-breath into Room C, and...just as I suspected!  I WAS STAR-STRUCK!
I introduced myself, gushed a little I must confess, and rolled right into production mode!

I was so impressed! This little guy, so recently born, is a natural-born actor!
More films to follow...



terryperrel said...

You've a handsome leading man!

gyjb50 said...

Oh, Kathy, these photos/videos are precious. How nice to have a baby in the family again. Ira looks like he is doing well, hope Susanna is as well! Hugs all around!

June said...

Wow! Ira Jonas, welcome to the world!
Love the mouth and tongue tricks!
Thanks for posting!
You look good too, Kathy!
Glad you made it there alive!

sk said...

Isn't he just a peach. Happiness and joy and larky hearts to all!