Thursday, February 28, 2013


A QUICK RUN-DOWN of this past Sunday at the old home place.  In which we:
quickly run down to the pier!

And then, my goodness--the Small Actor arrives from his home in the state capitol!  He's got his caretakers with him, and I am chortling about this turn of events, and about the pleasant weather!  The Yard Man makes a trip to the end of the lane to fetch items from the junk pile.  He constructs a fetching little picnic table down near the river, and it just follows, Reader Dear, that we'd scrounge up a picnic lunch.

Naturally, and to the delight of all, the Small Actor provides our after-picnic entertainment!

Well, then we must move along...
We must say a final goodbye to the shed.
  And a final goodbye to the tractor in the shed.
(It belongs to the Dear Old Neighbor Man [It's been in his family for generations!]

  And then there's a final goodbye to the house.

                                                                   We climb into our cars, strap on seat belts.
                                                                                 We drive out of the driveway,
                                                                                    past the pile of junk at the road.

And that, Dear Reader, as they say....
is that.


(er...what's this lump in my throat?)

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