Tuesday, February 26, 2013


AS I SAID, I was running around taking pictures.  If I am never to see this beloved place again as it exists today--in a somewhat run-down condition, yet pretty much structurally as it was built by my dad all those years ago--then I wanted to make sure I got some back-up memory.

Here's a quick little tour, Viewer Dear:  If one enters by the kitchen door, a built-in table is there to greet you.  It's decked with white formica where once it had green, but I would still be able to pull up a chair to  "my place" at this dining surface (of course, the job would be so much easier if a chair were nearby).   I can imagine eating Mama's bread pudding with lemon sauce here, too. (And it's easy to do, even though that delicacy is far off down the hall of time!)

Entering the kitchen, you need only to look to your left to see the dining room with it's built-in hutches, situated on either side of the doors to the screened-in porch.  (My father was a big fan of built-in furniture!  There are at least fifteen pieces in this house that could never be re-arranged.  It's no wonder the place has retained its growing-up look!)

Come on into the living room, Dear Viewer, and you'll see built-in bookshelves aplenty!.

In my parents' former bedroom there's an impossible-to-move chest of drawers, which you'd be able to see if I'd photographed it. (A rather shabby tour, Dear Viewer)  At any rate, please notice the bedside dressers and the headboard-cupboard.  (On the other hand, please don't notice the old bed skirt.  I removed it right after the photo).

Okay, here's what I really wanted to show you--the museum piece, so to speak:  We called it "the girls' bathroom" (My father was a master plumber, so he didn't skimp on rooms with plumbing)

At the time of building, my dad had just helped his younger brother get into the tile-laying business.  So my Uncle Sammy did the black-and-white work in this pink-fixtured room.  The wallpaper has changed over the years, and the toilet tank had to be replaced,  but this vintage bathroom is showing its vintage style, I'd say!

This tour could go on, Viewer Dear, but I'd rather go outside now. It is so much mustier and dustier in here than the photos show!  (And besides, spending time at the river is way higher up on my list!)


sk said...

An amazing house. I'm glad we had a stopover.

KTdid said...

Oh, me too! Were you only there once, sk?

sk said...