Tuesday, February 19, 2013


If you are counting, Dear Long-suffering Reader, it is my FIFTH trip to the Social Security office!
The fourth trip resulted in an unacceptably long estimated wait time, which resulted in no wait time at all, which resulted in nothing more than a wasted trip, which resulted in heightened blood pressure (mine), which resulted in damage to veins and arteries and peace of mind (mine).

So  now I've got an "Estimated wait time: 70 minutes."
I take my seat and pull out the daily paper, set to work on the crossword puzzle.

After a few minutes, the Security Guard leaves the room
I glance furtively at my fellow toe-tappers.
I am sorely tempted to test my luck.

Ahem, Dear Viewer,
I admit to nothing!
This photo is of
four windows.
Following a forty-minute wait, I presented my case, possibly at one of these windows.

After I had gone over the details and laid out all my evidence, I was met with the following rebuttal:  "This will not do!" said the young man at the window.  "We will need to have something with a photograph.  A driver's license or a passport, something like that."

Dear Reader-Viewer-Sympathizer (oh, please tell me I'm not mistaken about your identity!) I am
taken quite off-guard.   "But I was told....!" I pleaded with the man.  "Last time I was here, whoever helped me explained that I needed to present a birth certificate.  I was given no instructions at all about bringing a photo ID!"

Sorry to say, Dear R-V-S, the saga continues...



sk said...

What, so they can match Ann's face on the passport/driver's license with yours? Honestly. People! Pul-eez. We've checked our brains at the door!

KTdid said...

I'm with you, sk. Though I argued the fact that it made no sense, the stipulation remained!