Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mas (More)

regarding the delightful weekend with our forest-dwelling friends:

I did tell you, Dear Reader, that we went for a walk, The Yard Man and I and our hosts.
One of the curious crowds (well, there was really just this one) who flocked to see us as we strolled along, was these cattle.
Even the lone steer turned to stare.
(I have to confess, I'm a bit of a celebrity in bovine circles; but, they seemed fascinated by every one of us!)

As I also mentioned previously, on Sunday morning Mi Amiga (my [female] friend, aka our hostess) took me with her to su iglesia (her church).

Mi Amiga is teaching herself to habla Espanol (speak Spanish)She is not yet fluent, but she knows more than I do, considering my study of this language, mucho tiempo (a long long time) ago!

However, it was interesting to pick up what I could, and to watch the waving fabric that looked for all the world like flames.
Following the service, as Mi Amiga and I were leaving la iglesia, we were asked about staying for la comida (the meal).
Eh?! (Huh?!)
Mi Amiga did not have prior knowledge of this meal, but we decided to stay, since we were being invited so warmly and by now it was past one o'clock in the afternoon.

We followed church members down the narrow steps to the basement of la iglesia
(are you learning a little Espanol, Dear Reader?) and there we found a room filled with decorated tables, and balloons hanging on the walls!  By doing a little sleuthing, we discovered there was to be a surprise baby shower.
Aha, un bebe! (A baby boy!)

Plates of food were soon carried to us, and el nino (the boy) seated near me pointed out to us, "If you have green sauce on your plate, that is hot!"
(He spoke in English, but I know caliente when I taste it). Happily, the sauce was not too hot to spoil the rice and beans.  The tamale was homemade and delicioso (surely you can figure that one out, Dear Reader Dear?) Mi Amiga and I carried the hunks of meat home to our hombres (you're on your own here, too).

Altogether, the Spanish middle-of-day* was one of the highlights of the weekend! *(Service began at eleven a.m; by the time we ate and left la iglesia [just as the young, expectant couple arrived] it was past two o'clock.)
But, as you know, there was yet another highlight (er, perhaps you don't know; it's all in Espanol...**


Friday, October 30, 2015

Ah, Reader Dear, life has

its shiny moments.  Sometimes they are hours.  Sometimes more than a day.  Last weekend, the moments added up to almost two full days of such brightness (metaphorically speaking) I nearly needed sun-specs!

The Yard Man and I, we visited dear friends who live too far away (several hours, several states).

We feasted on fine food* and friendship.

We frolicked in the forest (or, you know, we went for a walk in the woods*) because these particular friends, that's where they live.  They built their beautifully designed and furnished home deep in the forest (two miles of unpaved road to get to their door)!

And Sunday morning we attended la iglesia.*

*Later.  Yes, more later!
(Comimos una comida espaƱola en la iglesia espaƱola! Y fue bueno. Pero no es tan buena como la sopa preparada por mi amiga. Ella es una cocinera fabulosa! La sopa estaba fuera-de-este-mundo!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About Once per Month

I have a little chat with the Man in the Moon.  Usually he stops me in my tracks!  Yesterday evening, it was as I wheeled my grocery cart across the parking lot of the supermarket.  "How about another photo?!" he says (knowing, of course, that he just took my breath away!)

Reader Dear, even as I rolled my eyes heavenward and thought, "He never changes!  Every month he swells into this gorgeous, luminescent orb.  Honestly, another photo?!" I was yielding to his irresistible charm and snapping the picture.

And, then...after loading my groceries into the car and setting out for home, lo and behold, there was Mother Sun casting a second glorious light in the sky! Do you think I could resist?!  Seldom do I have two heavenly bodies talking to me at once! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

At the Mall

I've got friends who meet for coffee at the mall with me most every Friday.  They will only act silly when coerced!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

There Was a Time

Reader Dear, when I dished up a gallimaufry every so often. It's been a while, but I'm fixin' to sling another one your way ahora:

First of all, there are bees in my gallimaufry.
They are the kind that form communes under the vinyl siding of rental units, and make their merry entrances at through-the-wall air conditioning units.  Oh, how they populate! They've got flocks of would-be members clambering to join every day!

I'm also serving up to you the variety of bee to whom I'm serving up pears.

This year they've got a real feast!
And speaking of pears. 
Some kind of culprit is doing damage to my teeny tiny orchard  (see center of photo) I know not who or what.  Any chance you can help me out, Viewer Dear?!
(The bees and I will  wholeheartedly thank you!)


Chimney woes (of the rental-house type) were also going to be in this olio.  But, (cough, sputter, choke) I've decided they are much too sour!  

Here's a sweet touch.

I had a birthday (same as you always do, Dear Reader!) with a little party outside of the Costco store. The Tiny Actor gave me special gifts that he chose with care from his collection of small vehicles. I cherish them (The hippie van and the backhoe)!

There were, in fact, numerous small parties.  One celebration had The Small Actor delivering his gift and helping me to unwrap it (both of us eager to see what it might be).
It was a terrific CD!*

There was also the delightful party with the four-way shared dessert and the savoring of long-time friendships!

There was even a quite minuscule  party held on the kitchen porch, where the lone celebrant was marveling over (and grateful for) the U.S. Postal Service; more cherished, long-time friendships; and the good fortune to be born at such a stunning time of year (she wasn't all that excited by the number of candles that weren't on the cake that she didn't serve at the party)!


*Can't Forget 
the great Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


sprang up on the road near my house a few weeks ago.

"Horses Crossing Bridge," it read.

 I proceeded toward the bridge very carefully, looking for horses.  And I wondered, "Who put up this sign?  Aren't orange traffic cones in the middle of the street under the jurisdiction of 'officials'?!"

There were no horses in sight
(no sign of any  'officials', either).

"Hmm," I thought, when I crossed the bridge the following day.  Now there was no sign, no sign of a horse, (and no officials, either)..."Aaargh, I'm never gonna find out what that was all about!" I lamented.

But, then!
A few days later, as I was once again approaching the bridge...


...there, Viewer Dear, was an Amish neighbor lumbering through the bridge with his load of harvested corn stalks, pulled (of course) by his horses!

Mystery solved! Case closed.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I was God to the

little creature who was praying for a meal.  
I had the power to do it, and I made a conscious decision to answer her prayer in the affirmative.

The Tiny Actor was an angel.  He showed me the Praying Mantis, there in the shrub out in front of the house where he lives, and he assisted me in answering prayer.  He advised me, "Yes!" when I asked him, "What do you say?  Shall we try to find a bug and give it to the Praying Mantis so she can eat him?)*

The Tiny Actor was keen on finding a bug.

*I do accept, Dear Reader, that the bug may have also been desperately praying (Save me!).  But, the bug's  eyes were not so adorably imploring as were those of the creature who was in the proper supplicant's position. And,...uh...surely that bug's upbringing included the story of The Great Food Chain.  (I choose to believe he was aware of his whole raison d'etre.) Nevertheless, I apologized profusely as I moved heaven and earth** to supply that Praying Mantis with a meal***.

**The bug was somewhat elusive.
***She turned her eyes upon me and The Tiny Actor, and I'm sure I heard her say, "Thanks be to God" before she gratefully ate up that bug.

Friday, October 2, 2015


The Small-town tale.
While we were at the carnival, The Little Actor and The Small Actor went racing from one ride to another, eager to hop aboard most of the rides and slides.  The Tiny Actor, however, was not so sure.  He would study each one cautiously and then shake his head no, content to watch.
It wasn't until we got to the Fire Truck ride that his eyes lit up.  Now, this one he could not resist!

The Tiny Actor is passionate about fire trucks!

It was the only ride he took at the carnival.  And he had fun. goodness, little did he know...little did any of us know...his biggest thrill would not come until we left the carnival!
We left the carnival.

And...we walked... straight into the local fire station!

Where sometimes dreams come true!

This visit to a real live fire station--meeting a real live fireman, wearing a real live fireman's hat, wearing a real live fireman's jacket and climbing aboard a real live fire truck--surely this set fire to The Tiny Actor's imagination!*

*How about you, Viewer Dear?!
Do you hear the sirens?  Do you smell the smoke?!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Small Tale

set in Small-town America! Starring my three young actors and a small carnival!  (The carnival is in a small town, of course.)

Because it is late summer, and the weather is so ideal for walking, the three celebrities and I set out to walk the three blocks from The Small Actor's house to the carnival.  Our security guards lag behind. (They strongly resemble two dads and a granddad.)

We all have a marvelous time (based on smiles, running, jumping, laughing, throwing hands into the air, talking animatedly, and various other acts signifying excitement and enjoyment).

Yes, naturally, Viewer Dear, I have many photos to illustrate this small tale:

Most of my fun was garnered vicariously, delighted by the thrill of the smaller members of our party.  But this one ride, I hopped aboard with The Small Actor and we took a pleasant little spin; it was rather tame, like a merry-go-round of little rooms.
When The Little Actor wanted to join us for a repeat, I readily acquiesced.                      
And then, The Little Actor took a look at the table around which we were seated.  "You're supposed to turn this!" he said.

"Oh," I said.  "I don't think so.  It looks like a pretty stable table to me."
(In retrospect, Dear Reader, did I envision a tea party here, or what?!)

Those small ones grabbed hold of that table and the room began to spin.  Faster and faster we whirled!

Our little room was spinning like a top as we streaked around on that circular ride!                        
The young ones were shrieking and laughing, and I was wondering how this ride had got so wild, and please God let it end soon!!
By the time I staggered off that spinning contraption, I could barely stand up! My head was about to go spinning off my shoulders!

Aggghhh...I'm too dizzy to go on, but there's a rather grand finale to this Small-town saga!

Therefore:  (to be cont.d)