Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About Once per Month

I have a little chat with the Man in the Moon.  Usually he stops me in my tracks!  Yesterday evening, it was as I wheeled my grocery cart across the parking lot of the supermarket.  "How about another photo?!" he says (knowing, of course, that he just took my breath away!)

Reader Dear, even as I rolled my eyes heavenward and thought, "He never changes!  Every month he swells into this gorgeous, luminescent orb.  Honestly, another photo?!" I was yielding to his irresistible charm and snapping the picture.

And, then...after loading my groceries into the car and setting out for home, lo and behold, there was Mother Sun casting a second glorious light in the sky! Do you think I could resist?!  Seldom do I have two heavenly bodies talking to me at once! 

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