Monday, October 5, 2015

I was God to the

little creature who was praying for a meal.  
I had the power to do it, and I made a conscious decision to answer her prayer in the affirmative.

The Tiny Actor was an angel.  He showed me the Praying Mantis, there in the shrub out in front of the house where he lives, and he assisted me in answering prayer.  He advised me, "Yes!" when I asked him, "What do you say?  Shall we try to find a bug and give it to the Praying Mantis so she can eat him?)*

The Tiny Actor was keen on finding a bug.

*I do accept, Dear Reader, that the bug may have also been desperately praying (Save me!).  But, the bug's  eyes were not so adorably imploring as were those of the creature who was in the proper supplicant's position. And,...uh...surely that bug's upbringing included the story of The Great Food Chain.  (I choose to believe he was aware of his whole raison d'etre.) Nevertheless, I apologized profusely as I moved heaven and earth** to supply that Praying Mantis with a meal***.

**The bug was somewhat elusive.
***She turned her eyes upon me and The Tiny Actor, and I'm sure I heard her say, "Thanks be to God" before she gratefully ate up that bug.

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