Friday, September 8, 2017

Here's An Olio

I'll confess, Dear Reader,  that I'm just trying to tidy up my scraps and snippets of summer before the leaves are falling with a fury from the trees,
and the winds are more than just a warm pleasant breeze.

Here's a recent morning at my nearest grocery store:
Please understand, this store has got  much more to offer than simply groceries!
(There's a large playground)
This big spider web that two of my little actors enjoyed got me to thinking.  Suppose it were to be labeled a World Wide Web.  Prior to taking office, world leaders would spend at least an hour of time jumping and crawling with two or three (or more) other world leaders.*


Now we've got the same grocery store.
The same morning.
My Itty-Bitty Actor.                         

Next, a vignette of the Small Actor and Paw Nelson, the cat.
I'm not sure which of the two found greater enjoyment in this activity.


Lastly,  there's this turtledove that I discovered a few days ago, sitting perfectly still on the balcony railing.  Is she dead!? I wondered.  I walked right up to her and she didn't blink an eye.

"Are you dead?!" I asked.  She blinked an eye.

videoBut I inched closer and closer and she didn't fly.  Then I was in a quandary:  Should I just leave her alone and trust she could fly away if she wished; or should I assume she could not fly and needed some type of rescue?

Because the Yard Man was home at the time, I thought I'd give him an opportunity to be Super Man, if a heroic rescue were needed.
 He didn't have a cape to put on when I ran downstairs and found him, but he did agree to come take a look at the poor creature.

As the two of us walked onto the balcony, she left the railing and fluttered to the porch below.   She appeared to be using her wings as a parachute, so I rushed down to the porch (I was willing to be the hero if it were just a matter of Paw Nelson vs. Turtledove.)

The short ending--she flew under a shrub.  When I tried to find her, she took to flight, and even though she was flying close to the ground, she managed to fly off to a far away spot where I could no longer be responsible for her safety and well-being.  I wished her well.
(Sorry, Reader Dear, I have no further news on her.)

*It would be a requirement.  No choosing of fellow web-crawlers.  Names would be drawn at random. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Believe Me, Dear Reader,

my life is not all picnics at the park. 
Now that I've cleared up that possible (but slightly odd) misconception, here's this:

The Occasion(s):  Labor Day. Birthday of the Yard Man.

The Location:  Susquehannock State Park.

The Group: All my little actors and almost all of their parents. (Reader Dear, The Yard Man and I were there, too, of course.  Too obvious,  I'm just verifying).

The Time: Late afternoon into evening (The park closes at sundown.  We overstayed. But, we left before dark, so that's sort of a gray area).

 The Weather: Frabjous     (fabulous)

The Food:  Well, The Yard Man dragged his birthday grill  along, and we feasted on grilled steaks and grilled chicken.    Added to that were salads, watermelon and birthday dessert.

The Activities: Eating (verifying that, as well).

Playing on the small playground.

Hiking to the overlook (Dear Viewer, the park is an exceedingly lovely one, but the highlight is the overlook with its high river view.*)

 *There may be some difference of opinion on this.  The small actors made good use of the playground.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Day Before Labor Day Laboring

Upon leaving my Art Festival Sunday evening,   I stopped by the home of two of my diminutive actors (Little Actor, Tiny Actor).  Visiting these two was a third one, Small Actor.
(I had with me a man these little guys all call "Poppy")  
 Now,  Reader Dear, it was not yet Labor Day; it was only the evening prior to it.  However, Poppy and I found these little ones hard at work!
They were busy pounding rock!
They were laboring away!

Though, here's the thing, Reader Dear:
Their labor appeared to be fun! 
Also, it was totally without pay!
Ergo, I suppose you could say that their work was mere play!

Which brings up a question:  
Where is the line between work and play?
Would they still have fun if they had to do it every day?


Later on, as darkness set in, First Son-in-Law treated everyone to a back yard fire, and there were roasted marshmallows for all.  The actors were quite happy to quit their playful labor (laborious play) and enjoy this pre-Labor Day treat!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Come to my Art Festival,

Viewer Dear! 
 Well, um, please understand, it's only "mine" in the sense that I've got a few snippets of the show recorded for you.  All the actual, hand-crafted merchandise belonged to others, of course, though there happened to be quite a bit of it that I could envision hanging artfully from my shoulders, ears, neck or walls.

(There were plenty of things that just sat, as well.  Seeing as how, Dear Reader, I have an over-abundance of things that do a great job of just sitting, I didn't picture [quite as readily] taking those items  home with me).


The show--Long's Park Art Festival-- is held every Labor Day weekend, Friday through Sunday.  This was the thirty-ninth year!  Because we had jet lag to deal with on Friday and rain on Saturday, The Yard Man and I did not get to the park until Sunday, mid-afternoon.  The weather was delightful, and the crowd was beginning to thin.


What you're seeing is just a tiny fraction, you know, Dear Viewer.  Because the time was limited, even The Yard Man and I didn't get a thorough look at everything.  But we had a good time seeing most of the artists and their wares.  Before we knew it, it was closing time (five p.m.)  We headed over to the eating area, hoping to get some food before everything shut down.

We were lucky!  Not only did we get some tasty pork barbeque, baked beans, and cole slaw, but we were gifted with fresh flowers, as well!

"Help yourself to the flowers on the tables, but please leave the vases," was the announcement.

Reader Dear, because the place was quickly becoming deserted of festival-goers, we carried away a handsome armload of the flowers!
Barb encouraged us!*
*She seemed to be in charge.  She clearly took delight in presenting us with the flowers and explaining how to propagate the Cockscomb ones.
It was a lovely ending to my Art Festival!**
(**Viewer Dear, keep in mind you could have yourself an Art Festival, too; I highly recommend it!
[Next Labor Day weekend] Don't miss it!)

Saturday, September 2, 2017


The Yard Man told me that his German friend who makes wine also sent canned pork along home with him.  First thing The Yard Man did when we walked in the door from the train station was open his suitcase, eager to see if his German wine and Dutch Brandy (given to him by a friend from the Netherlands) and the three cans of pork made it through customs.

Der vintner-butcher guy
Oh!  He was happy to see that it all arrived safely!

As you may have guessed, Reader Dear, I was ready to sample the wine without delay.  The Yard Man, however, was in the desperate throes of jet lag.  He was off to bed. 

The next morning (yesterday) he enthusiastically opened one of the tins of pork.
"It's Head Cheese!" he exclaimed. "Wow, this is good!"
He proceeded to eat more and to rave about it
"Every year," he explained, "this family (the wine-making one) gets together--all of them, three generations--and they spend a day butchering and canning a pig they have raised!  It's a family tradition."


Viewer Dear, (I must confess) I squirm at the thought of eating anything from the head of a four-footed creature (especially something scraped from its skull [though, (slight shudder) any part, really]).

The Yard Man kept urging me to eat some of that German piggy.
And I tried my best to delightedly dig in; I did (try)!
But...Reader Dear, I think I will need a lot more of that fine German wine that I sampled last night, if I'm going to eat some pig's head!