Monday, September 22, 2014


This month of backlog has loitered long enough.  Here are a last few bits and pieces and then it's  relegated categorically and unequivocally and officially to The Past.

One day during the past month I was honored to get a celebrity invitation to the local Barnes and Noble store.  The Little Actor called me personally to see if I'd be interested in meeting him and his escort and The Tiny Actor there.

I was,  of course!
And I went.

It was a lovely time! As well as food and books and video screens, we enjoyed a nature show, compliments of a local spider!*
*(Just so you know, Viewer Dear, this show of insect intrigue took place outdoors [I am happy to say].)

Here's a second film of nature.  These "Tree of Vultures" critters were not such a lively bunch, really.

But, perhaps they were just soaking up the pleasantly overcast day, as was I, sitting there on the deck of my stitcher's (she of stitching fame) house while she stitched upon a dress for me.

Since the theme appears to be nature shows, Viewer Dear, I'll just give you yet one more:  (It just squeaked into this month-long backlog.  The butterfly lived in Virginia during my Family Reunion weekend [perhaps she still does]). 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


to this backlog.

There was the second trip to Philadelphia.  When The Yard Man questioned, "Why do you have to go back to the eyeglass place?"
and I said, "Because the guy has to measure me for the prescription."
And then he said, "But he already did measure you!"
 I said, "Well, he has to measure me again."
Then he said,  "That can't be right!  When I got my glasses, he only had to measure me once."
I did some mumbling, Reader Dear.*
*(Er, that final choice between two frames [soon as I ordered one and left the store (oh, yeah, for sure)] I knew I liked the other pair more).

On this trip we had rain.
Of course, that precipitation made it an ideal day for visiting Reading Terminal Market again; for marveling at the long lines (wherever the food was best), and having a marvelous cup of coffee (where the coffee line was longest). "I've been drinking this coffee every morning for eighteen years!" said the gentleman ahead of me in line.  "It's the best coffee in the country. People come from far and wide to get it!" He stepped up to the counter and the coffee man knew his order.  (I upped mine to LARGE)


Dear Reader, I'm getting a new kitchen!
Though, er, it's only in Apartment fifty-nine.  My smallest.  Nonetheless, choosing between all the lovely samples stirs my blood a little.  You may assume, astutely, you're going to see more photos of this project as time moves forward.


It was another sky show with the Small Actor.  This one included horses. And a fresh-picked apple.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I didn't take photos of the fabulous pizzas made entirely by hand and baked in the outdoor stone oven, enough to serve about forty or fifty of us. Likewise, there is nothing to show you of the spread of other delectable dishes and desserts.  Not one shot of the four kinds of homemade ice cream, Viewer Dear!  You see, there are also no photos of the many Amish co-workers of The Yard Man who attended that work picnic, which happened to be on his birthday.

But just look at this birthday sky, will you?!*
*We were on our way home.

Partaking of pickles!

Everyone should have such a neighbor (he's ours); the man brought over a snack for our Michigan guests!* 
*The pickles are homemade,with garlic and dill and plenty of yum.


We should've eaten those eggs!
Wouldn't you know, these half-grown chicks have got that black mama, and that ornery DNA*!

*Hmm.  I'm thinking Chicken-in-a-casserole.

"Now open wide!" said my  dentist, and the fake mouth responded!
(I've got a dentist with a sense of humor, Reader Dear!*)

The Yard Man brought home some potatoes from his food co-op.  I scrubbed and baked them and served them up with supper.  But when I cut mine open, I was disappointed.  "I so wish I'd have had these to serve with the purple meal!" I told that man, who was calmly eating his (otherwise) brown and red and green meal.

One morning, a couple days ago, I happened to glance out my kitchen window and see a hummingbird at my kitchen garden.  I flew for my camera, and she flew, too.*


Monday, September 15, 2014


Almost a month's worth, Viewer Dear!
Mostly pictures, hardly any elaboration.
Except to say that twice we went to Philly, The Yard Man and I.
First trip:
I wanted to go to that little shop where I previously purchased eyeglasses, many years ago.  It's time for a new pair, I had been thinking.  So it was our first stop.  I tried on frames after frames.  When I finally picked out a pair, The Yard Man was next door buying a bagel with cream cheese. They all looked good, he'd  said (I'm talking here about the glasses frames, though I'm sure he felt the same way about the bagels).

Then we did lots of walking.  We went to that market on Market Street and that market on South Street.

We saw food.  Lots and lots of food.  And we, uh, ate food, too. Lots and lots of food.                                                

However, we did leave some for others to enjoy.

We saw street artists,
the Delaware River,
and numerous interesting shops.

We stayed until dark.

The next weekend, The Yard Man had a birthday!

Oh, the celebrations!

Here's a lazy Sunday afternoon at the horse pasture:
The weather was a perfect ten.  It was The Yard Man's idea--take some chairs and a blanket and books, spend an hour or two here where the sun and the breeze and the view of the trotting horses was idyllic.

I trained my camera on the horses exactly twice, Viewer Dear.
Dear, dear. I really didn't care for the outcome of the first filming, which is why I waited patiently while those three equine  wandered off, then ran with the wind in their manes, then meandered back to the spot near the blanket.  Then I took the second clip.
Apple harvest!

...continuing..., later...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


in business, Reader Dear!  Which just means that my ornery laptop has been toted home from the Best Buy store yet again, virus removed.  Now I've got a whole logjam of photos to unwind.

I. Last Monday's nighttime tableau starring the effulgent moon is all I can manage to show you at the moment.  My Small Actor and I had a terrific view of it from the little bench on the balcony.
"No, no!" The Small Actor protested to his dad, when he arrived to whisk him home to bed.  "We can't go yet, Daddy!  The sky show is not finished yet!"

II.  …to be continued

Sunday, September 7, 2014


stacked-up, backed-up procrastination.
I wish it weren't so.
There were also, of course,
the trials and tribulations
of internet travel.
Stops by the wayside.
Vehicle breakdown.
Things crawling to a complete halt.