Saturday, August 23, 2014


around at The Family Reunion, Reader Dear, kicking back with your feet up while the rest of us were industriously husking  that just-pulled corn!   So, here I am now, rushing in breathlessly to  finish up the whole story of that get-together, and take away your lolling privileges!  It was such an awesome weekend, and I didn't even tell you yet about my sister-in-law who showed up with umpteen loaves of bread she'd baked using my mama's whole-wheat-and-honey recipe, and brought jars and jars of good homemade applesauce she'd just produced!  Then there were the big bowls of  my very own coleslaw (Uh, huh, it's a current phase I'm going through).  Not to mention the terrific gift (if I do say so myself) that I gave my birthday sis (A gift she generously shared with all of us, as I was keenly hoping she'd do.)

But first, of course, we had the meal of barbecued chicken, corn-on-the-cob, cole slaw, apple sauce, sliced tomatoes, bread, and lots of lunch-leftover extras!  And we sang Happy Birthday, and ate the birthday cake (and all those other birthday-cake-related foods!)  We raised glasses of champagne and toasted the birthday girl!  And it had been such a beautiful day, and was such a beautiful evening, and we felt such familial love, and a blessed feeling wafted over us all, and we  had that sugar buzz goin' on, not to mention the champagne... and, well, Reader Dear, I'll confess I'm speaking only for myself, as I can't actually get inside the heads of my DNA-related kin!

*However, I know for a fact everybody had fun with the paper lanterns my sister unwrapped!

One and all, Dear Reader, exclaimed about the great time we had figuring out how to get those tissue-paper constructions up into the night sky, and then watching them float magically into the distance!


The next morning we ate up that delightful pancake breakfast, and tried not to think about the fact that anyone who didn't normally call this place home would, at some point in the day, have to say goodbye-goodbye to the rest of the  family of The Family Reunion, climb into a car, and take a lengthy trip back to life as usual.
Here, Viewer Dear, is how The Tiny Actor expressed his feelings on the matter.
They echoed mine.


sk said...

So lovely.

(Somebody got smart with the place mats.)

KTdid said...

Well, wouldn't you know, sk, it was I who set that table. (I'm the smart one!) Q.

gyjb50 said...

I may not share your DNA but I share your thoughts on the beautiful event. Your words and photos describe it well.

KTdid said...

Thanks, dear gyjb50 :-) ! The familial love I felt included all the DNA kin and every single non-DNA as well! There was really something quite special about the weekend, wasn't there.