Monday, August 11, 2014


was to be the super-est of the supers we will see this year. I knew it was to be closer, brighter, and all-around more stunning than usual!
And, sure enough, when it rose above the horizon, I was awed at its impressive radiance.
I could not resist a photograph, of course, though I told Dark-haired Daughter, "It's so silly to keep taking pictures of the moon.  It never changes!"

Soon after I made this comment,  my barefooted daughter stepped off the edge of the porch and squawked, "Eww!  I stepped on something slimy!  Eeek!  And it was moving; it's something alive!"

We squinted in the bright moonlight, and tried to determine what creature she'd stepped upon.  "Here," I said, "I'll take a flash photo and we can find out!
But, Reader Dear, what I'd taken to be the creature itself turned out to be only it's slimy trail. I leaned down so close for the photo that my hand touched the head of the thing as it crested the riser of the step.
"Oh, ugh, ugh, UGH!  It's a SLUG!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms in the air, smacking my daughter squarely in the mouth!*
(She was leaning in for a good look, too.)
I made a big wide circle out around the step, expressing quite volubly my sentiments regarding touching the slimy heads of slimy creatures.  Then I took a second photo
That's when we discovered that this first slug had either 1) just given birth to a second slug, or 2) was playing "pin a tail on the donkey" (slug-style) or 3) was know...hanky-panky with another slug.

I know a voluptuous moon can make all kinds of creatures do all kinds of crazy things!
What is your best guess, Viewer Dear?

*"I've still got sore places on my lip, where you hit me,"
Dark-haired Daughter told me this morning.

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