Monday, August 25, 2014


I promised I'd tell you about it, Dear Reader.
And so I will!
It was an old empty well that my brother discovered near his house (right outside the [ground-level] basement door, to be precise).  He cleaned it up and lined it, filled it with water, and turned that thing into a "plunge pit" (That's what he and his family call it, and I'm assuming you are able to see why, Viewer Dear--One steps into the pit, one takes a plunge! [If this should occur without warning at three a.m., when one steps outside the basement door for a smoke and it's black as pitch, one may do some thrashing and swallow water and fervently believe the plunge pit mishap to have high odds of being one's last!])

Fortunately, that plunge pit did not produce any more-than-oops mishaps! Instead, we kept our eyes on the little folk like a hawk eyes scampering mice, and had fun watching big folks take the porch-railing plunge!


sk said...

Cornfusing movies. How does one step outside that basement I see and fall into something high like that off the ground? The only thing I can figure out is there's also a basement in the unseen foreground.

Anyhow, the treachery, my lands.

KTdid said...

sk--Here's the long explanation:
Chapter 1. The porch with the white railing is on the first floor of the house. At the front of the house that floor is ground level. On this side of the house, that "ground" level is off the ground and the basement walls are showing (that white expanse and the brick are the basement walls). If you look at the top photo you can see an opening to the right of the pit. This is where several steps come up from the basement to ground level--right where the pit is located. The pit is ground level. One can plunge into it while strolling across the cement patio, or by crawling over the porch railing above. (Does that clear it up for you, my corn one? I'll happily give you Chapter 2, if needed) Q.