Friday, August 1, 2014


of veggies that The Yard Man brought home from his food co-op, and I filled the sink full of the bounty.  "What wealth!" I kept exclaiming to myself, as I arranged the assortment. 

There were all those leafy greens!  The red and yellow tomatoes!  The purple beets!  I felt that the lushness and the rainbow of colors were worthy of a painting by a great artist. 

Lacking an artist (with brush in hand) nearby, I wished for a great musician to quickly compose "Symphony to a Summer Squash,"
(throwing in any of the other vegetables as inspired to do so).

But no one showed up.
So I snapped photos and started working on my own new compositions.
"Come to supper!" I hollered to The Yard Man, when I was ready to show off my creativity.  He showed up promptly, and as he sat down to devour the work, I suddenly noticed (to my delight):
  "Look at this!  It's a FIRST in my (very long) history of meal-making---fully HALF the food is purple!*" 

*Last week's box of veggies included a head of purple cabbage.  


sk said...

just fabulous. What are those squiggly crustaceans or whatevers in the center of the salad (second photo)?

KTdid said...

sk--Ha, they are walnut pieces! (One of my favorite salad add-ons).

sk said...


Not cashews? Pecans? Don't walnuts scrunch up your mouth?

KTdid said...

sk--Hmm, well, now, there's a question.
I've never known walnuts to "scrunch up my mouth". However, now that I'm contemplating the delectable mouth-effect of cashews and pecans, I'll admit they're superior to walnuts!

sk said...

Well then.