Monday, July 28, 2014


The Yard Man's aunt and uncle invited us to what she called a "garden picnic".  Aunt Carrie thus termed the meal because nearly all of the food she served came directly from their garden.  But I am giving it the title of "Old-fashioned Picnic" because that is just how it impressed itself upon me yesterday evening.

For one thing, the location of the picnic tables was under spreading linden trees that were estimated to be over a hundred-and-fifty years old. (In full disclosure, I helped with the estimate.)
For another thing, Aunt Carrie and Uncle Leo's house is less than a mile from a mile-wide river, and (think about it) the pleasant river breezes that wafted over the tables yesterday evening had been doing their job of summer air conditioning for...well...forever! (What could be more old-fashioned than that?!)

Then, too, the delicacies offered were not fancy new recipes off the internet.  Carrie's been making her applesauce, pickles,  pickled beets and cucumber salad for decades (scores, even!)!

And, finally, even the desserts were long tried-and-true favorites!
Aunt Carrie made the terrific shoo-fly and blueberry pies.  Aunt Becky carried in the peach pies that brought cheers (they've been showing up at family meals for years and years!)  Add ice cream and hot fudge sauce, Reader Dear, you've got absolute (and definitely old-fashioned) yumminess!

Okay, I rest my case.
Just like I rested my paper plate in my lap and relished that good Old-fashioned Picnic food!

(I'll try to refrain from talk of food for the next little while, Reader Dear.)

Just look at Aunt Carrie's flowers!


sk said...

Is that Aunt Carrie sneaking off the porch?

KTdid said...

Sk, I think that's her daughter, exiting the porch.
All I've got of Aunt Carrie--a glimpse of her hands, emptying the pickles into the dish. (She deserves more). Q.