Friday, July 25, 2014


"It's time to start treating me like royalty!" I told The Yard Man.
"Today I was crowned!"
There was nothing off-the-shelf about my crown, Dear Reader.  It  was meticulously hand-crafted, custom-made!

And there was nothing run-of-the-mill about my self-procurement of this video clip of the event, either.

"This is a first!" exclaimed the man who was preparing me royally for my crown.
"Why, I had dental work done  myself last week," the good doc said, "and I took a selfie while I was in the chair.  (You know, he explained, he had to put it on Facebook.)

But this!...Taking a  video!  No one's ever done this before!
This is great!  I'm going to have to tell my colleagues about this!"
He laughed delightedly.*

*Well, here's the thing, Reader Dear.  It makes me smile when I manage to make any of my subjects happy!**

**I just wish my royal
mouth didn't hurt so darn much!

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