Saturday, July 26, 2014


called Family Farm Days," announced The Yard Man this morning.
"Shall we?"
As you may soon correctly surmise, Viewer Dear,
we did!
And, oh, the signs and wonders at Family Farm Days!
Take a look:

Take a look at this sign!

Fresh-cut french fries.  The sign may not have been so impressive, but the fries sure were!

Due to my diligent photo-shooting,  some of my comments are going to be obvious to the diligent viewer  (perhaps, in particular, the first one and the last one):

1.  This event was organized by persons of the Amish community.
2.   There were various seminars and presentations throughout the day.  They were held in nine areas, including these:  Keynote Tent, Homemaker's Tent, Gardener's Tent, Human Health and Nutrition Tent, and the Horse Arena.
3.  There were children's activities throughout the day.
4.  All food served was free to all comers.  That's right--all the delicious home-made foods and all drinks:  Walk right up and help oneself!  (Please leave a donation at one of the boxes scattered about for this purpose).
5.  (Did I already mention the food?  I can't begin to list all the foods from which one could choose!) .
All of it that I sampled (Hmm.  I had a pretty good sampling) was superior.
6.  The weather was fantastic. 
7.  Ditto for Family Farm Days.

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