Friday, July 11, 2014


for another Amish meal, Dear Reader... 
I've got to show you a quick snippet of my morning (yesterday).  It was spent with two of my actors.
"Do you want to go to the mall?!" was The Little Actor's eager invitation via the phone.
And, shortly after, I joined him and The Tiny Actor at this spot that's custom-made for people of their size!
Furthermore, there are marvelous small plastic toys and doodads that can be won in the nearby arcade (also for folks of their size), and then shared with quickly-made friends.  (These friends may be yearning to take a turn at that great little "popper," the one that must be turned inside-out and then produces shrieks of delight as it thrillingly flies into the air!)

Believe me, it was a poppin' good morning, Reader Dear!
The evening was pretty fine, as well.  The Yard Man and I met the German group at Melvin and Esther's house.  Melvin and his son were cooking corn-on-the-cob in a wood-fire-powered outdoor cooker.  Esther and her daughters were in the kitchen, putting the final touches on the rest of the meal.

It was yet another evening of fantastic weather,
and the meal was served outdoors.
Once again, we enjoyed delicious food, but all I've got to show you this time, Viewer Dear, is a box of debris (I was busy helping to carry dishes to the table, and then I was busy helping to eat from the dishes!)

After visiting around the tables for a while, all of us guests walked around the property, a showcase of meticulously cared-for gardens and lawns.  Melvin led the equine-interested party up the hill behind the retaining wall, to where his Belgian horses were pastured.

From this spot at the top of the hill, we had a sweeping view of fields and farmlands.  As the evening wore on, we also had a majestic view of an approaching thunderstorm.*

*Heading home, The Yard Man and I, we got to drive through the pouring rain.


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