Thursday, July 17, 2014


We all scream for ice cream!

Actually, no yelling or lifting of voices was needed.
"Do you want to go to Mount Gretna with us, and get some dessert?" our friends inquired of The Yard Man and me.

As to our response, you can pretty well put two and two together, Viewer Dear, and get three desserts! 

It was Wednesday evening (last night) and the weather was superb! As for the ice cream...ah, the ice scream...just look, Viewer Dear!  This flaming concoction* was eaten by The Yard Man (it's Baked Alaska).

One of our friends split the Strawberry-Shortcakey-Doughnutty-Ice-Cream-Swoon-Worthy dessert with me**.  The third dessert was not very impressive (it was in a glass) but it was exactly what that other friend wanted!

(Here's a guy [just a stranger] who was also enthralled by his ice cream delight***)

Okay, now, as fantastic as those desserts turned out to be, they were not the highlight of our evening.  (Well, I can only speak for myself.  So, be forewarned) I'm only speaking for myself:  

The high point of my evening was the Bullfrog Serenade!

The four of us strolled down to the lake in the gloaming and sat on a tiny bench for this unannounced performance.  (So surprising!  Frogs [did you know?!] are musicians!)
It was magnificent! 
Most of the numbers sounded awfully similar. But, even so, I hated to leave before the creatures were finished with the concert.****

*Although on rare occasions he seems to be a fire-breathing dragon, The Yard Man did not eat that flame.
**Not it's official name.
***Perhaps he's got a blog. He seemed to be pleased by being photographed photographing his dessert.  He took a photo of me photographing him photographing.
****The other three members of the party wanted to stroll around the town.  We did.  I really enjoyed that, too!

All in all, the entire evening was a pretty sweet treat!*
If it takes a good scream to get more of this stuff--hold your ears, Reader Dear. I feel a good scream coming!

(*Thanks, friends!)

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