Thursday, July 10, 2014


to eat dinner with the German group, at an Amish home, on Wednesday evening," said The Yard Man to me a couple days ago.  Now, Reader Dear, "the German group" is an assortment of folks who traveled together from Germany to attend the same horse event that took The Yard Man out of town last week. After attending the event in Ohio, this group traveled through our area to view farms and horse-farming and horse-farm-equipment-making establishments (most all of them being Amish-owned). 

I was tickled, of course.
Because, what's not to like about a home-made three-course meal (okay, I'm counting the bowls of applesauce, and chopped pickled vegetables, as the appetizer course [because, really, the "main course" was too much food to squeeze onto my plate at one time!])?  I'm speaking in particular of a freshly-made feast where one doesn't do a lick of the preparation, and simply sits down to enjoy, passing the heaping bowls of food in a help-yourself, take-all-you-want kind of way!

There wasn't a lot of chit-chat around the table, owing to the fact that everyone, of every sex, religion, and nationality, was busy eating!  (Oooo, Dear Reader, I wish you could know how delicious and creamy was that home-made ice cream (one of the four desserts), made from the cream of Jersey cows!)

At the end of the meal, the Amish servers asked that everyone in the room sing "Amazing Grace."  I snatched my camera from my lap and, as surreptitiously as possible, set it on the table to record.  (Argh.  This endeavor was not a success!)
Outdoor photos were so much easier to obtain, and the weather was superb!  I wasn't the only photo-snapping diner who wandered around the property following the meal.

It was a delightful evening.
And, then...!

Driving home, The Yard Man told me, "Melvin and Esther* want the group to come to their house for supper tomorrow evening.  We are invited, too.  Want to go?"

Hmm.  Reader Dear, what do you suppose was my response?
*An Amish couple who were also at the table this evening.

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