Friday, July 18, 2014


quite such speedy results!
As  I pondered yesterday...If I were to scream, would I get to eat ice cream again with my friends?*

I screamed.

And, AHA!

"Come on in to the city** and enjoy Music Friday with  us," I said to the very same ice-cream-eating friends of Wednesday evening.

They did.

And the rest, as they say, is history.
(We've got some pretty historical spots in this city of ours!)

(Directly across the street from the ice cream shop [where we happened to find ice cream] is the Fulton Theater.  Just the other week,  Sarah Bernhardt and Mark Twain were preforming here [well, actually, it's been quite some time ago, many weeks]!)

Similar to Wednesday evening, the four of us  listened to music together (from numerous sidewalk musicians).  And, then, how surprising...we also ate ice cream together!

 *So I suppose the answer would be YES.

**(On my way into the city, I stopped off to do a little breaking and entering. But, far be it from me to bore you with details....[if my butt hanging out of a window makes you curious, consider it a plain and simple bribe for comments, Reader Dear!])


Anonymous said...

WooHoo, you're almost up to date!!


sk said...

Best photograph ever.

(But of course, I'm happy seeing you anywhere. Amidst crowds of friends, and amidst small clusters of friends with hovering waiters. What a lovely and yummy time--thank you.)

KTdid said...

Re: the photo. Who but a weirdo would actually show the world such a shot!

(You are so welcome. Thanks for befriending a weirdo!)

Anony Friend.
Yep! Now for more fun times to post!