Thursday, July 24, 2014


reporting by The Reporter (who appeared on behalf of the local newspaper to cover that reception attended by the mayor of the city and The Small Actor).

Following our activity at that wine-and-cheese-and-bread-and-beer-tasting event, The Yard Man and I were privileged to escort The  Small Actor across the street to the Tap Room, where we had supper.

To our good fortune, The Reporter was also able to join us at this restaurant (after stopping in at the Demuth gallery presentation)!

He did not, however, report on our meal together.

A raging thunderstorm was going on throughout our dinner.  Also unreported!
Lastly, at the conclusion of our time together, there was a very delightful post-dinner piano concert by The Small Actor.  Can you believe it, Reader Dear, not a word of it reported to the paper!

At any rate, The Yard Man and I, we had a fine evening!  Although these post-reception details were omitted from The Reporter's report, I'm still maintaining the local newspaper is fortunate to have him* on their team!

(*Oops, see here, my job of reporting has a gap, as well!  I guess I neglected to inform you---The Reporter is also known to some as  Only Son!)



Anonymous said...

this "just in" - get it? hehe

KTdid said...

Thanks for that late-breaking comment, Anony!
Good one!