Friday, November 15, 2013


all about timing.

I hadn't slept well.  I kept waking, early this morning, on edge that I might miss a phone call from Lowe's, informing me that a bisque-colored refrigerator was on its way to Apartment number Fifty-three. Just last night a sweet-sounding woman named Marjorie had rung me up to say I could expect a phone call this morning, followed by the bisque-colored fridge.

But the sun came up and time passed.  There was no call.  I scrambled some eggs and made toast for The Yard Man.  But I didn't make coffee.  I'll get my coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, I thought to myself, after I get that fridge. That will be good timing!

But the morning wore on, and I was still waiting.
And waiting.

Finally, mid-morning my little white business phone rang.  "Hi," said the caller.  "This is Lowe's delivery service calling.  We have a refrigerator for you, and we'll be delivering it between twelve and two."

 "WHAT?!" I squawked.  "I arranged my day to suit a morning delivery! Just last night I got a call that verified a morning delivery! I want a morning delivery, as scheduled!  Can't you bring it right now?"

The truck driver made excuses. "There isn't any way I can get there before noon," he said more than once.

"Well," I huffed.  "I was told when I ordered it that it would be morning.  And it's being delivered to an apartment.  I have to be there to switch all my tenant's food to the new one!"

"Do you want to re-schedule?" asked the driver.

I paused and pondered.  Then I said NO in a disgruntled voice.
I hung up the phone and emailed two friends of mine:  

They just called ten minutes ago to say that "We will be delivering your
refrigerator between twelve and two"!!
I yelled at them, but the poor guy said that two people had called in sick, and
furthermore, he was all the way down near the Maryland line as he was calling. 
They could NOT come this a.m.  Did I want to re-schedule?
ALL OF THE ABOVE just to say that I may be a tad late showing up at the mall for our walk
this afternoon.  (Expecting, of course, that they will call me around 1:45 to
say, "Alas, we are running a bit late.  Your fridge won't get there until 2:15")

It wasn't ten minutes later, my little white business phone rang again.
"Hi," said the caller in a sleepy voice.  "This is Chris.  I'm here."
Uh.  Chris?  Uh. Here!?  Reader Dear, my coffee-less brain was scrambling for a few seconds before it started jumping up and down.  "Oh! Hi, Chris!  So you're there at the apartment?"

"Yeah," said Chris.  "I'm home.  I'll be here to get the refrigerator.  You won't have to come over."
"That's great!" I chortled.  But..."They called to say they're not going to get there this morning; it's going to be between twelve and two.  Will you still be there?"

"Yes," he said.  "I'll be here."
"Well, I'll call you," I said, "when they let me know you're next in line."

At seven minutes before two o'clock I had just locked my car and was heading across the parking lot to the mall when I got the call that the bisque-colored refrigerator was due to arrive within the next fifteen minutes at the apartment where Chris was waiting.  I scurried back and unlocked the car, retrieved my tenant's phone number, called him. 

Two o'clock, I was loitering near the door of the Starbucks store, awaiting my friends.  Suddenly someone behind me put the question to me: "Would you like a free cup of coffee?" 

Turns out it was Andrea, a perfect stranger.

Turns out Starbucks had a deal going on, beginning precisely at two o'clock:  Buy One, Get One Free!   In Three Holiday Flavors!  

Turns out Andrea wanted some coffee.  And she wanted to gift someone

The Peppermint Mocha Latte that I got for free was good, but not perfect.
Neither is this tale. (And I have yet to see the bisque-colored fridge.) about perfect timing!

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