Thursday, November 28, 2013


and all that other good stuff!

Alas!  And the photographer plumb forgot, Dear Reader-Viewer, to photograph the food!

I've got a picture of the table, all set up , with the mid-afternoon Thanksgiving Day sun gracing it.  And I've  got the equipment, standing at the ready, so eager to mix up my Scalloped Corn.  (Yes, the
equipment was rarin' to go!)

I've got a visual record  of my son, prepping the gussied-up Brussel Sprouts.

I snapped a photo of five of my six guys.  It doesn't include Tom, and the one cooking him!  (Okay, you see, The Yard Man was working on the turkey, out there in the kitchen, where the pile of pots and pans and bowls and knives and various and sundry other Thanksgiving Day tools of the trade were being dirtied at an alarming rate!)  First Daughter was helping, so she didn't make the photo, either.

All of my actors--the Little One, the Small One, and the Tiny One--were watching the antics of those characters in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

But there's not one photo of the food!
Trust me, Dear Viewer, we had  the whole shebang! Pumpkin pie and pumpkin-cake roll at the very end.  But not one single, solitary photograph to prove it!


(I believe by the time the food was ready to consume, the photographer was scampering around, filling the dishwasher with a pre-load, cleaning off counters, scooping up food scraps, rounding up serving bowls and platters (and spoons), opening the wine, checking on the status of everyone and everything, putting food on the table.   I believe she was AND THANKFULLY  EATING!)



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