Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear Reader Dear:  The more I find to eat up my time, the less time I have to explain and elaborate and expound upon the things that eat up my time!

So I'll have to be brief.  Now that one of the four most colorful seasons has arrived here in the mid-east-coast region of the country, a chunk of time-gobbling has been done outdoors.

There was the walk on the newly-opened Rails-to-Trails strolling avenue.

Of course, even with gobs of time, I wouldn't be able to explain why a century ago rail lines were built beside a river that is relatively near this river (which flows relatively near where I live). Or why they are no longer in use.  Or how it came about that this walking-slash-biking trail was constructed. But, hey! I can tell you that the two-mile section I covered on foot the other Sunday afternoon was delightful!

And then, of course, I already told you about the southern (outdoor) wedding.  But I failed to show you the stately southern pines!  The southern boat docks!

The little southern flower girl!

And the southern food, oh my!
(I ate these puppies with gusto!*)
And a crab cake prepared with crabs that used to swim in a southern river!
Home again, I walked to the park with my Little Actor, northern guns ablazin' (as well as the trees!)



There's so much more I could say if I had the time,
Reader Dear.
But I can't, of course.
Because that's the thing.

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sk said...

I want to see the bridesmaids' dresses.