Thursday, October 31, 2013


but what a treat she was: The Marbled Orbweaver Spider! She sat so still, looking for all the world like a plastic doodad of some kind, with a stamped-on design.  I bent down to pick up this unnatural-looking thing in the woods, and that's when her eight legs shot out and I screamed and released her.

She didn't get a chance to bite me, so quickly did I have a change of heart about picking her up.  But there I was, with The Yard Man and two friends, staring at this marvelous creature, the likes of which I had never before seen in all my live-long days!  It was truly a treat!

Everything about the twenty-five hours spent in Prince Gallitzin State Park, in fact, was a treat!
There was the cabin where Tom and Tina (our generous friends) hosted The Yard Man and me.  There was the exceptionally delicious pasta dish that Tom cooked up for us (this is impressive, Reader Dear--every single spoon and fork and knife and cup and cooking pot and cutting board, and grater, peeler, wine-bottle-opener must be carried in with renters of the cabin!)

But just take a look, Dear Viewer, at what's provided:
A lake, right there outside the cabin door!
Lots of little furry creatures right outside the cabin door, as well.

And there were lovely woods,
and vistas,
and hiking trails!
There was a dam.
And Bluebirds.
And a Pheasant.
And a Red-bellied Woodpecker!
(without a red belly, how odd)

And there were exceedingly tall trees.

 Not to mention brightly-colored leaves.
And Lesser Scaups (a breed of duck, Dear Reader).

In addition to all these natural interests, of course, we had the fellowship of friends!

No tricks, this twenty-five hour span was a prince
of a treat!

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