Friday, October 11, 2013


want to mention a wedding party, Reader Dear.
Didn't I tell you  there was a wedding? 
It was almost a whole week ago!  It's fading into the ever-receding past, even as I blog about it!
It was actually a charming wedding reception, the wedding having taken place out in the wilds of Montana.  But we got to see the bride and groom in their wedding attire!  And we got to be entertained by the bride and groom!  Good food, good drink, good friends, and a celebratory event to raise a toast to!  It was delightful.

I had no sooner arrived at the party, than the official photographer had a shoot-out with me!
But I stood my ground, Viewer Dear, and therefore you have it--  more photos of Jessica and Dave, Mr. and Mrs.!
They (the bride and groom) took questions from the guests. 

They sang!

And the parents of the groom (very dear friends of The Yard Man and me) even gave us some baklava to carry home with us!
(Aha! Once again!) This photographer got the very, very  last photo of the evening--the groom preparing to cart away the wedding gifts!

It's the very, very last thing I have to say about the wedding.
Except, uh, congratulations to Dave and Jessica!
Wishing you matrimonial bliss until your very, very last days!

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