Monday, October 14, 2013


(precisely a week ago) was miserably wet and wild and lonely.  I crept around a dark house, with rain pouring from the sky in torrents!  Of course, there were a few little rays of light--a few cards in the mail, and even a birthday gift  (they were definitely worth that treacherous trip to the mail box).  And there were one or two phone calls with various renditions of the Happy Birthday song, not to mention all the facebook friends clamoring to wish me a facebook Happy Birthday! 

But I barely saw another human being all day!  The weather was just too wet and wild and anti-birthday-goings-on.  And  The Yard Man needed to be away from the house from early morning until late evening. 

However, as the real and actual birthday waned, the real and actual birthday cheer waxed brighter!

Someone painted the sky flamboyantly on my account! 
And The Yard Man* brought real and actual birthday flowers!

*This is the same guy who also slaved to make those burgers and sweet potato fries
 on the birthday eve!

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