Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I hesitate to use the word again, Dear Reader--the word I would naturally use here if I weren't so hesitant to use it.  So I'll just say this lunch was another little get-together taking place in honor of the anniversary of the day I was born (so long ago!)  The very best thing about it, Reader Dear, was that the friend with whom I ate was born twelve days ahead of me (so long ago!), and we've been friends since college days (so long ago!)  Every year we jointly celebrate.  We buy each other lunch. 

This year we chose a restaurant serving Columbian quisine.  When we entered at noon, we were the only guests, and it wasn't until we had our plates of food that other potential diners entered.  I say "potential" because one of the two women who were checking out the place felt unsure about eating a Columbian dish.  It would be a daring venture for her! 

"My food is very good!" exclaimed the owner, offering her assurance.  "It's so good that people take pictures!"
(And, yes, Reader Dear, they do! [He saw me!])

Tina and I ate our beans and rice and breaded pork loins.  We were stuffed!  There was no way we had room for dessert!  Even considering the celebratory occasion, we both agreed we didn't want another bite.

Then, ahh, Dear Reader, the restaurant owner mentioned FIGS!
(It was the birthday surprise!)

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