Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I did get home from the Kitty Hawk vacation.
And I did go to a wedding.
And I had a birthday.  (The celebration started early, 
and it's on-going.)
And I'm striving to lay out all the details.*
A problem arises, Reader Dear, when I'm also scrambling around trying to take care of numerous, mundane, less-than-cheerful duties that involve deadlines!  No one from the semi-defunct government has notified me that the IRS is taking a break.  They are, in fact, still pounding their fists on the table and eyeing the calendar.  They don't care whose fault it is that a six-month extension had to be filed.  It makes not a whit of difference to them that the accountant's office, hired to figure out the intricacies of The Yard Man's and my tax return (a full eight months ago!)  had to fire the slightly pudgy and very inept man who was assigned to our case.

 So some of Uncle Sam's workers might be on a vacation, but not the ones waiting for a check from us!  I'll bet they're thinking it'll end the budget deficit.  And by golly, I bet it will!
Then, too.  If I'm in such an all-fired hurry, one might puzzle over the fact that this very afternoon I was lolling in a chair in the lobby of the bank for quite some time, just twiddling my thumbs, staring into space, making myself late for yet one more appointment!

Ah, well, ahem...you see, Viewer Dear, I was waiting for a guy to come break into my car!

"Would you like some coffee while you wait?" a teller at the bank asked solicitously. "And there's today's paper," she pointed out.
Wouldn't you know, Reader Dear, I'd just done all that at the tax accountant's office!  Read the entire paper.  Drank the coffee.

As soon as the knight in shiny armor got my car door open, I headed off for the next place of business, where I was already forty minutes late!
When I arrived, the receptionist said, "Have a seat.  Can I get you a drink?" 
Oh, yes.  Oh, yes.  (I thought) Make it a strong one!
Details of these tales will be belated,
Dear Reader.


sk said...

Your birthday! Oh! Oh me! Oh dear!

KTdid said...

Ha. Ha. It's okay, dear friend. A belated phone call will suffice.:-)