Thursday, June 6, 2013


As I raced up the steps, the Mother of the Groom was descending.
When I reached up to pull out a hunk of my hair, she said,
"Here! Take a picture of the dress on the hanger!"


I did, and here is the proof.
   Furthermore, I took a photo of the bride, still wearing the dress that has now grandly served its purpose-of-a-lifetime.
It was the final photo of the event!
(A totally unsubstantiated claim,
but I'm sticking to it.)


 Fringe benefit:
 Because of our friendship (and very possibly due to the fact that there'd be no fabulous blue silk fringed dress fashioned out of scarves were it not for me [now, now, Viewer Dear, hold your applause]), this designer-stitcher-wearer of the dress later sent me photos (bless her heart)!

2013.06.02 - Parents of the groom
2013.06.02 - Mother-son dance II
Just look at that dress!
Didn't she do a fantastic job?
[applaud now]

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