Monday, June 3, 2013


THE BUZZ WENT AROUND at the wedding reception...
 "Did you hear?  There's a guest here with exactly the same name as the minister who performed the ceremony.  All three names--first, middle, and last."
 "Well, I heard that there are three of them with the same name!"
 "Really? Wow.  Same middle name, too?"
 "Yep, middle name David.  And two of them are ministers!"
 "Okaaaay.  I heard there's at least one John David Bowman at each of the twelve tables!" 

Reader Dear, (how often must I confess it?) I'm such a fan of coincidence!  I had a  private little word with John David Bowman.  And then I spoke with John David Bowman.

When the guests were seated, what do you know--I was right beside Jon David Bowman!  I made a request of him.  Thus it was arranged, I was given a photo op!
Of course, Reader Dear, when I went to take my pictures, it drew some attention.  These three men soon became media sweethearts!  (Well, lots of others wanted photos, at any rate.)
I didn't see these instant celebrities signing any autographs; but just think of it, one could have handled the job for all three!

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