Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Whereas I'm usually taking photos willy-nilly, stashing them away for days, weeks, months...(hmm, not usually months, but sometimes until they are verging on stale), today I am ensconced in a comfortable upholstered chair, drinking my complimentary coffee latte*, and snapping photos that you may be viewing within seconds, Viewer Dear.   Now, of course, I know there is absolutely nothing  cutting-edge about the ability to do this; what is so surprising to me is that I am actually taking advantage of the possibility!

*Compliments of Toyota Service Department,
(a representative of whom [interrupting me as I post] came to inform me that my car is desperately in need of at least three new tires.  Inspection is coming up next month, and these tires on my car will NOT pass inspection!  [That's what I was told.  That's the late-breaking news, Reader Dear!] **  Excuse me while I take another swig of my cost-free coffee.

Ahh.   Okay, now I will tell you that I nixed the tires.  "No thanks!"  I said just now, when the wheeler-dealer (not his official title) applied some slight pressure.  "I'll deal with the tires at another time. I'm only here for the air conditioner."  (The man was clearly not happy [It may have been a misperception, but I think I saw his forehead wrinkle ever so slightly when I fiddled with the lid on my coffee?])**

**What I did not divulge was that a mere hour ago, actually on my way here to keep this appointment (to have the car's air conditioner put into proper non-screeching condition), I stopped at not one, but two, tire-selling establishments.  "Will you please look at the tires on my car and tell me if I need new ones," I asked at each of these locations.  (I only thought to do this because I'd studied the tires a few days ago and a specific Holy Roman Emperor crowned by Pope John VIII came to mind).  Both of these companies in the business of selling tires had told me that it was not a desperate situation.  The tires would pass inspection.  

So now I'm going to gather up my paraphernalia,  [the pager is going off right at this moment, summoning me to come to the desk], pay the rather excessive bill for "adjustment" of my air conditioner, and leave this place.  

Just let me quickly finish up my, included-in-the-cost coffee.


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