Monday, September 22, 2014


This month of backlog has loitered long enough.  Here are a last few bits and pieces and then it's  relegated categorically and unequivocally and officially to The Past.

One day during the past month I was honored to get a celebrity invitation to the local Barnes and Noble store.  The Little Actor called me personally to see if I'd be interested in meeting him and his escort and The Tiny Actor there.

I was,  of course!
And I went.

It was a lovely time! As well as food and books and video screens, we enjoyed a nature show, compliments of a local spider!*
*(Just so you know, Viewer Dear, this show of insect intrigue took place outdoors [I am happy to say].)

Here's a second film of nature.  These "Tree of Vultures" critters were not such a lively bunch, really.

But, perhaps they were just soaking up the pleasantly overcast day, as was I, sitting there on the deck of my stitcher's (she of stitching fame) house while she stitched upon a dress for me.

Since the theme appears to be nature shows, Viewer Dear, I'll just give you yet one more:  (It just squeaked into this month-long backlog.  The butterfly lived in Virginia during my Family Reunion weekend [perhaps she still does]). 

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