Sunday, September 21, 2014


to this backlog.

There was the second trip to Philadelphia.  When The Yard Man questioned, "Why do you have to go back to the eyeglass place?"
and I said, "Because the guy has to measure me for the prescription."
And then he said, "But he already did measure you!"
 I said, "Well, he has to measure me again."
Then he said,  "That can't be right!  When I got my glasses, he only had to measure me once."
I did some mumbling, Reader Dear.*
*(Er, that final choice between two frames [soon as I ordered one and left the store (oh, yeah, for sure)] I knew I liked the other pair more).

On this trip we had rain.
Of course, that precipitation made it an ideal day for visiting Reading Terminal Market again; for marveling at the long lines (wherever the food was best), and having a marvelous cup of coffee (where the coffee line was longest). "I've been drinking this coffee every morning for eighteen years!" said the gentleman ahead of me in line.  "It's the best coffee in the country. People come from far and wide to get it!" He stepped up to the counter and the coffee man knew his order.  (I upped mine to LARGE)


Dear Reader, I'm getting a new kitchen!
Though, er, it's only in Apartment fifty-nine.  My smallest.  Nonetheless, choosing between all the lovely samples stirs my blood a little.  You may assume, astutely, you're going to see more photos of this project as time moves forward.


It was another sky show with the Small Actor.  This one included horses. And a fresh-picked apple.

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