Saturday, September 20, 2014


I didn't take photos of the fabulous pizzas made entirely by hand and baked in the outdoor stone oven, enough to serve about forty or fifty of us. Likewise, there is nothing to show you of the spread of other delectable dishes and desserts.  Not one shot of the four kinds of homemade ice cream, Viewer Dear!  You see, there are also no photos of the many Amish co-workers of The Yard Man who attended that work picnic, which happened to be on his birthday.

But just look at this birthday sky, will you?!*
*We were on our way home.

Partaking of pickles!

Everyone should have such a neighbor (he's ours); the man brought over a snack for our Michigan guests!* 
*The pickles are homemade,with garlic and dill and plenty of yum.


We should've eaten those eggs!
Wouldn't you know, these half-grown chicks have got that black mama, and that ornery DNA*!

*Hmm.  I'm thinking Chicken-in-a-casserole.

"Now open wide!" said my  dentist, and the fake mouth responded!
(I've got a dentist with a sense of humor, Reader Dear!*)

The Yard Man brought home some potatoes from his food co-op.  I scrubbed and baked them and served them up with supper.  But when I cut mine open, I was disappointed.  "I so wish I'd have had these to serve with the purple meal!" I told that man, who was calmly eating his (otherwise) brown and red and green meal.

One morning, a couple days ago, I happened to glance out my kitchen window and see a hummingbird at my kitchen garden.  I flew for my camera, and she flew, too.*


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