Monday, September 15, 2014


Almost a month's worth, Viewer Dear!
Mostly pictures, hardly any elaboration.
Except to say that twice we went to Philly, The Yard Man and I.
First trip:
I wanted to go to that little shop where I previously purchased eyeglasses, many years ago.  It's time for a new pair, I had been thinking.  So it was our first stop.  I tried on frames after frames.  When I finally picked out a pair, The Yard Man was next door buying a bagel with cream cheese. They all looked good, he'd  said (I'm talking here about the glasses frames, though I'm sure he felt the same way about the bagels).

Then we did lots of walking.  We went to that market on Market Street and that market on South Street.

We saw food.  Lots and lots of food.  And we, uh, ate food, too. Lots and lots of food.                                                

However, we did leave some for others to enjoy.

We saw street artists,
the Delaware River,
and numerous interesting shops.

We stayed until dark.

The next weekend, The Yard Man had a birthday!
Oh, the celebrations!

Here's a lazy Sunday afternoon at the horse pasture:
The weather was a perfect ten.  It was The Yard Man's idea--take come chairs and a blanket and books, spend an hour or two here where the sun and the breeze and the view of the trotting horses was idyllic.

I trained my camera on the horses exactly twice, Viewer Dear.
Dear, dear. I really didn't care for the outcome of the first filming, which is why I waited patiently while those three equine  wandered off, then ran with the wind in their manes, then meandered back to the spot near the blanket.  Then I took the second clip.
Apple harvest!

...continuing..., later...


sk said...

What are those bodies he's pulling out with tongs?

I'm especially thankful for the pee and poop.

KTdid said...

sk, I believe it was a woman, and she was busy pulling turkey wings out of the boiler (or whatever the contraption)
Ha, yes, elimination--part of a circle of life.
It's just that I feel funny sharing, don't know if she (female horse who shares my name) noticed I was filming.