Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Small Tale

set in Small-town America! Starring my three young actors and a small carnival!  (The carnival is in a small town, of course.)

Because it is late summer, and the weather is so ideal for walking, the three celebrities and I set out to walk the three blocks from The Small Actor's house to the carnival.  Our security guards lag behind. (They strongly resemble two dads and a granddad.)

We all have a marvelous time (based on smiles, running, jumping, laughing, throwing hands into the air, talking animatedly, and various other acts signifying excitement and enjoyment).

Yes, naturally, Viewer Dear, I have many photos to illustrate this small tale:

Most of my fun was garnered vicariously, delighted by the thrill of the smaller members of our party.  But this one ride, I hopped aboard with The Small Actor and we took a pleasant little spin; it was rather tame, like a merry-go-round of little rooms.
When The Little Actor wanted to join us for a repeat, I readily acquiesced.                      
And then, The Little Actor took a look at the table around which we were seated.  "You're supposed to turn this!" he said.

"Oh," I said.  "I don't think so.  It looks like a pretty stable table to me."
(In retrospect, Dear Reader, did I envision a tea party here, or what?!)

Those small ones grabbed hold of that table and the room began to spin.  Faster and faster we whirled!

Our little room was spinning like a top as we streaked around on that circular ride!                        
The young ones were shrieking and laughing, and I was wondering how this ride had got so wild, and please God let it end soon!!
By the time I staggered off that spinning contraption, I could barely stand up! My head was about to go spinning off my shoulders!

Aggghhh...I'm too dizzy to go on, but there's a rather grand finale to this Small-town saga!

Therefore:  (to be cont.d)

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