Wednesday, February 27, 2013


JUST THIS YET...Because I can't let you go, Viewer Dear, without some final photos of the pier!
And while we're outside, here at the old home place, you've got to meet the Dear Old Neighbor Man!

Ernie has wandered over to see what's going on, discuss the junk at the end of the lane, reminisce, and offer to deal with a bit of our accumulation in the carport.  What a guy!  He's been the Dear Old Neighbor Man for as long as I can remember, and he's just the most congenial kind of a guy to whom one would ever wish to give this title!
"Come on over and say 'hi' to Ruth Ann," he says.  (She's his wife; she's been living there as long as he has, Reader Dear.)  "You can meet Senorita, too," he adds.

Hmm.   I know that all of the dogs that this man and his family had during my growing-up years were named Peter Rastus (It's true.  While we were naming our successive dogs silly little pet names like Socks, and Cookie, and Mitzi...theirs were all Peter Rastus.  [I thought it so distinguished--a first and a last name!])

But it turns out Senorita's a bird!
She doesn't seem very fond of The Yard Man and me.

So we don't stay long.
But now it's late.  I haven't shown you the pier!
And the moon is almost full; the tide is high!
Forgive me, Dear Reader, but you're going 
to have to spend just one more day* at this 
old home place before the final


*night, too, I suppose.
I won't be back until tomorrow.

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