Friday, February 21, 2014


magazine, Viewer Dear, today's post would be the  Icy Alien issue.
It's so much fun to gather a collection!  I mean, really...Siamese twins!
They made me laugh out loud.

I can't tell you much about each of these snowpeople, but these two sporting pink scarves are into the latest Christian D'Ice designs. 

                   This guy is a minimalist.

And I happen to know this one in the Amish hat. ( He's Amish.)

This fellow with the blue cap pulled over his face, he's got siblings (that's all I can tell you about him).

Here  they are (sisters, I believe): 

And last but not least,  meet this beauty in an apron! (She got me to laughing, too.)
Top-notch cookie-baker!
It's a risky endeavor, she says.  With every batch, she nearly has a melt-down!

Well, Viewer Dear, I could easily go on, expanding this issue.
 There are so many of these cool cold folks around!


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