Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sunday morning

of our celebratory weekend in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Yard Man and I decided that we would  attend services at the Moravian church.

First, we stopped by the hotel lobby for breakfast.   That, Reader Dear, is when I had to do a double-take.  Could that really be four men dressed in matching outfits over there at the corner table?!   Turns out that it was, indeed.  It follows, naturally, Dear Reader, that I needed to ask these four men if there was any chance they would be singing a song for me?  (Yes, yes, of course I explained the performance I'd gotten the previous morning). 

 "Sorry," one of these men responded, "you wouldn't want to hear us sing!" They all laughed.
"But," he added helpfully, "we could fly you anywhere you want to go!"

I pondered this.  It may not be undying love, I thought, but it still sounds like a pretty good deal!
I wasn't quite prepared to hop on a plane at the moment, however, (and, you know, there was the Yard Man to consider; I wasn't going anywhere without him!)  We ate breakfast and kept to our original plans.  We headed for the beautiful Moravian church.

What a stroke of luck, Listener Dear!  As if these fine folk are not already very musically inclined, on this particular day we were fortunate to get in on their "Music Sunday" service.

All the music was lovely.
 And the choir was simply heavenly!

Following the service, the Moravians served their traditional Sugar Cakes*
(pretty heavenly, too!).
*(Straight from Wikipedia, Dear Reader) "The Moravian immigrants who founded Salem, North Carolina, in 1766 brought this recipe with them from Central Europe, their ancestral home.  Originally, sugar cake was prepared once a year for the Moravian Church Lovefeast on Easter morning, but its popularity soon led to its appearance at other holidays and festive occasions."

After an outdoor (sidewalk tables) lunch at a restaurant with some very tasty food, the Syrian owner and some of the waitstaff posed for a picture and offered congratulations to us (you know, for the forty-five years together).  We offered the owner congrats on the very fine food and the fact that he's served two U.S. presidents.  (If you squint and look closely at the photos on the wall in this photo, Viewer Dear, you may spot these two**)
**What better enticement to eat here than seeing these photos?!  These two ex-presidents are the only two in U.S. history for whom I campaigned door-to-door!

The Yard Man and I made one more visit to the Moravian bookstore, and then we had to bid a fond farewell to Bethlehem and the winning weekend!

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