Saturday, July 22, 2017

One might believe,

Dear Reader Dear, that my life consists of Fridays only. Or maybe you are prone to think that when I put my order in each week, I just say, "Oh, gimme a weekend, throw in one or two random weekdays, but just be sure I get a Friday!"

Whatever the case may be, here I am with another Friday about which to report: Third Friday!
The Yard Man and I hosted a sleepover for all my short-in-stature actors.  Even the Itty-Bitty Actor made a brief appearance (Though he didn't get to spend the night, he was here long enough for me to get a good publicity shot!)

With these four, even the photo-taking session shows off their natural ability to perform!

The rest of the warm summer evening, we had a rollicking (and occasionally wet*) good time!

*Alas, the moving pictures may stubbornly refuse to move! Water guns, (non-Viewer Dear) I'm talking water guns!  Shrieks and laughter and sneaking up on one another is so much easier to convey with photos that move!

And then, Saturday morning:
It was a trip to the Fulton Theater, so the little actors could see BIG* actors!
*It's the play (based on the movie).  Viewer Dear, I hope you have the good fortune to view it!

My little actors in the audience seemed spellbound by the actors on stage, and the Yard Man and I genuinely enjoyed both sets!


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